About Us

Established in the year 1989, Indo Webal Surgical Pvt. Ltd. started its journey as a small surgical manufacturing unit at Baruipur near Kolkata. A journey of more than two decades and under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Debasish Mandal and later on with the contribution of his better half Mrs. Papri Mandal, Indo Webal grew to serve not only the state but the country as a whole. The company is renound for its surgical instruments and advanced ophthalmic disposable products, which caters the consistent needs of Indian & Overseas ophthalmic market.

Indo Webal brings you a wide range of finest medical graded titanium and stainless steel instruments for ophthalmic surgery. With professional management we assure quality and after sales support and regularly upgrade with knowledge, skill and technology. Our entire products are CE approved.

Our Vision

Through innovation, efficiency and quality, we will contribute to medical advancements in ophthalmic surgery and meet the needs of the healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

Being a part of a global family, we are passionately committed to provide high quality, innovative products and services in the field of ophthalmic surgery. Through a culture of expertise, we are committed to achieve excellence through our diverse and comprehensive product range.

Our Values

Values are the foundation upon which the culture of our company is built.

  • Innovation
  • Quality & Efficiency
  • Integrity & Honesty

They define the role of every employee, regardless of title, job function or responsibility. Implementing these values in our lives, we foster a culture of collaboration and professionalism ensuring a long term success of our company.